The Story

Lily and Jimmy White are a young married couple trying to make ends meet in the metropolitan Northeast. Lily works as a secretary and Jimmy scams the unemployment system. Eventually, Jimmy's illegitimate income catches up with him, and he lands himself in prison.

Lily finds herself lonely, angry, and unable to pay all of the bills she split with Jimmy. Deciding to get her mind off things, she delves into the world of online dating. When a date ends in homicide (albeit, self-defense), Lily White starts to become the monster the world has been begging her to be.

And now, to entice without spoiling, a list of awesome things this play has:

  • righteous murder
  • seedy internet love
  • Off Track Betting
  • guitar solos
  • a hunky detective
  • scandalous love
  • a Greek chorus
  • unconventional salvation
  • men in mysterious hats
  • babes with weapons
  • harmless cannibalism
  • religious gambling addicts
  • amazing music
  • etc.

Lily, Casually touches on some pretty serious themes, including religion, feminism, and socio-economic immobility. That said, it's still an over the top comedic, glam-rock thriller, so even if you don't care about themes and meaning, you'll still have an amazing time (see list above). And that, for me, is the most important function of music and art – to make people actually experience something.